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Inanity on OKC and trying to be superficial.

There is no real question here, just one more person wishing to share her OKC trials and tribulations. Well, I guess if one of you can teach me how to ignore things coming out of someone's mouth completely, please do!

So, I'm in a foreign country. I don't really speak the language, and I probably won't be in the country for very long. I would absolutely not be opposed to finding something more serious, but I'm mostly on OKC to meet locals and to have a bit of fun. Only, turns out I suck at fun.

My dilemma: I'm superficial when it comes to my dates, yet can't turn off my graduate student brain. As in, I am typically only attracted to the bodies and self-confidence/asshole aura of guys who are good-looking, usually in a hipster-y way. However, I'm also typically only attracted to academic brains, which tend to not reside inside hipster hunk bodies. On a good day, I can be attractive to surprisingly good-looking people, but all but the academics tend to flee shortly after I open my mouth. (I have thoughts and opinions, I can't help it!)


I tried going out with a few academics who were very nice but I just couldn't feel attracted to. Last night, I decided to go the other way and "liked" people entirely based on their photos without reading their profiles. Today, I had several messages in my inbox from guys who look great but are basically pre-verbal. Which is a mean thing to say, but the spread of "hey there beautiful, is nce in [country X]?" and "i am [john]" and "[greeting in language I don't speak]" and profiles talking about how they love casual sex but hate contraception has me feeling pretty ungracious. It seems no one has the attention span to even skim through my profile or to say anything I could actually respond to - and their own profiles are typically mostly empty, so I don't have anything to comment on.

tl;dr I am so, so on board for some casual dating and sex. But a)even in a casual context, I can't feel attracted to someone with zero intellectual interests and b)I can't maintain vapid enough a conversation to attract said people. What is a girl to do? To go celibate and dateless, it seems...

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