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Inanity: Travel Daydreaming

I'm bored and vaguely depressed. I'm using the fact that I can't find a textbook I need as an excuse to not work on a syllabus and the fact that the baby is sleeping as an excuse to not was dishes, and instead I'm wasting my time on here and looking up vacation packages that I know I can't afford, such as a trip to Vegas. What's funny is that even in my fantasies I'm a tightwad, so I'm looking for cheap but tolerable hotels, particularly on Freemont St. I kind of like the cheesy old Vegas, and the glitzy, modern Strip is just a bus ride away. Plus, I could stay at the Plaza, which to me will always be Randall Flagg's base of operations in The Stand

So what sort of aspirational web surfing do you like to do?

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