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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Inanity: Travel Daydreaming

I'm bored and vaguely depressed. I'm using the fact that I can't find a textbook I need as an excuse to not work on a syllabus and the fact that the baby is sleeping as an excuse to not was dishes, and instead I'm wasting my time on here and looking up vacation packages that I know I can't afford, such as a trip to Vegas. What's funny is that even in my fantasies I'm a tightwad, so I'm looking for cheap but tolerable hotels, particularly on Freemont St. I kind of like the cheesy old Vegas, and the glitzy, modern Strip is just a bus ride away. Plus, I could stay at the Plaza, which to me will always be Randall Flagg's base of operations in The Stand

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So what sort of aspirational web surfing do you like to do?

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