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It's been a rough monday so let's do something fun! What songs did you sing along to as a child that looking back now make you wonder why your parents let you sing along or question their judgement in music and taste?! I'll go first!

I didn't realize that this song would be considered advocating statutory rape in my state until i was well into my twenties. Why i knew the words at 10(ish)? Because my mom didn't realize that either!

I was a huge Whitney Houston fan as a kid, i was waaay too old when i realized that this was about an affair with a married man...ooops!

Oh yeah and this one about "night moves" but it was Bob Seger and thus it was allowed? I think i can blame my younger uncles and older cousins for this one.

Add in that I loved Prince all through the 80's, yup i had no filter. I tried to add in country cuz i was around that a lot, but i also fully rebelled against it and heavy metal as a kid cuz i just had to be different,lol.


So what songs did you sing along with as a kid that you really shouldn't have?

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