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Inappropriate Wedding Sentiment?

I have posted before that I am going back and forth between my home and another city to help out some like-family* friends. They are seniors and most of their friends/family have their own health problems/nuclear family difficulties, but a cast of neighbors and friends randomly call and stop by to do what they can.

So friend (from now on he will be James Evans Sr.) asks a neighbor to pick up a wedding card for relative he doesn't know so well while nice neighbor is at the store. When I get to town, he asks me to write out some checks and to put relative's wedding gift check in the card.

The front of the card: "good luck!"

The inside of the card: "we've got our fingers crossed for you!"

I can.not.stop. laughing. A couple of their relatives have stopped by; when I bring the card to the table and say someone needs to get another card, one asks, "well what's so wrong with that one?"


So at least two people think that this card is OK to send to a couple in love. Is everyone so light-hearted about their nuptials that they would take this in good humor?

ETA: So you are a fun bunch who would have been fine getting this card from a very distant relative. Now I'm curious about you marrieds—what's the most favoritest wedding card you got?

*I don't even know if I can say this as a compliment, the GT posts have shown me that some people evidently have some really shitty family—bunches of mine are truly fucked up, but not downright mean and entitled.

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