Eek! This is terrifying but also awesome.

Not to be super sappy, but before GT I never really understood the point of an internet community. I just didn't see how you could feel connected to people you'd never met in real life. But then I spent (way too much) time on here, and I totally get it now.

But on to the thing I actually need advice on: I'm planning on getting a Mirena soon (in the next few weeks) and I need to set up the appointment but I don't know what day of the week/what time of day I should aim for. If you had side effects how long did they last? Will I be useless the rest of the day or will I be able to work from home? Is there any reason to worry about travelling a few days after the insertion? I'm going away for a long weekend and I really don't want to feel crappy on the trip. Thanks for any advice!