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Inaugural Post and Rant

Firstly, thank you to the powers that be for giving me posting privvies! I’ve had them for over a week now, but still - I’m tickled.

I don’t know if I’m looking for advice or if I just need a rant, but feel free to commiserate and or/advise as you like.

Friday night I met up with a friend for happy hour drinks. We drank, ate, chatted - all in all had a nice time. Then we were invited to a party by her friend that was just around the corner, so we went by. I’ve only met this friend a couple of times, and while she’s not really the type of person I gravitate towards, she’s nice enough.


The party itself was hosted by some guy friends of hers, who are fine when we first meet them. We decide to play Cards Against Humanity, which aside from some infantile penis humour is going fine. That is, until one guy inexplicably decides to bring up Vladimir Putin. To make a joke at his expense? To make a somewhat relevant comparison to something happening in our game? Of course not. It’s to say Putin is an all-around good guy, and thank goodness he’s carrying out airstrikes because “someone needs to do something about ISIS.”

Opinions about bombing ISIS aside, really? Putin is the height of foreign policy decision-making in your mind? He’s a war criminal. But you know, whatever. I’m at their place and I don’t know these people, so I stay quiet and we keep playing.


Some more infantile penis jokes later, someone inexplicably brings up Caitlyn Jenner. I can assure you there was nothing in the conversation or the game to bring her up - clearly someone wanted to talk about this. He starts off on the wrong foot by calling her “Bruce” and then asks “he or she - what is it?” It. He called a human being an it. Charmer, huh? Then he discusses the award she won for Woman of the Year, which he believes she didn’t deserve. (This point on its own I take no issue with). But as you can guess at this point, he doesn’t care someone else deserved it more. Oh no. She didn’t deserve it because “she’s not a proper woman.”


What the actual FUCK did you just say? In what world do you get to decide who is or is not a proper woman? If she doesn’t make your boner happy, she’s not a “proper” woman?


If the conversation had continued I would have said something, but someone quickly changed the subject. I didn’t end up staying very long after that; I just couldn’t hang out with people in their late 20s acting like ignorant, hateful 19 year olds. I kind of feel like I should have said something anyway and kind of regret I didn’t. I’m a pretty opinionated person, but I felt this was kind of an awkward situation since I had just met them and was at their house, but I did entertain fantasies of getting up and leaving just over those comments or really eviscerating them for their ignorant bullshit.

Would you guys have said something? What do you think? I’m sure we all have stories like this one - feel free to share yours!

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