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“Incel” Terrorism Is Real, And It’s Wearing a MAGA Hat: Connecting the Dots



Nobody has to believe me about it - although it might be a good idea if they did, because we were calling the relationships between these misogynistic Yiannopoulos-following batwings running around with the black box Nazi “counterprotesters” MONTHS ago

 but you may want to believe Dave Futrelle


because not only has he been studying this stuff for awhile, but he was the first one who let me know that “A Voice For Men” and “Return of Kings” (two odious .. I’m not even going to tell you; you’re going to have to look them up if you want to know and you don’t already).had been officially classified as hate groups by the SPLC


Don’t let our leaders ignore this one or brush it under the rug. Because we all know they will try, and we have to be there to push back.



ht - Wonkette

ht – We Hunted the Mammoth




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