I’m not sure how much I’ve gone into my current living situation here on GT, but let’s just say it’s far from ideal. Yes, I appreciate my parents letting me live with them rent-free until I finish school. But no, I’m not happy with the way things are here (way too many things to list in one post, plus it risks derailing), so I decided I wanted to see about starting to save money. One problem I kept running into was how tempting the money I set aside still was; if I could check my balance on the bank’s website, I could justify transferring it back to my checking account to pay for something I deemed ‘important’, regardless of its actual importance.

Then TurboTax did me a favor. They sent out an e-mail a month or so ago with a link to myRA.gov. Basically, it’s an IRA that’s run through the Treasury Department for people who don’t have traditional access to an IRA account via an employer or otherwise. Two nice things about it are A) You don’t have to deposit a minimum amount each time; you can put in any amount you can afford, and B) Any money you deposit you can withdraw (just not the interest unless certain requirements are met). So I figure this would be a nice way to save, with the money able to be accessed if I have an issue crop up and I need it. I HOPE it doesn’t come to that, and I can leave the funds alone for a long while. But having the account does bring me some peace of mind.

Now, off to sew, then to work on my next freelance job.