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I read a lot on the internet. Here are some of the things I read today.

Lead Writer of Dragon Age on inclusive games (Polygon)

To the person who sent this question: thank you for letting me know how affecting it was for you to have a game where you could be yourself. We make roleplaying games, which means that the character you play doesn't have to be yourself, but I believe there's an element where having a game acknowledge that you exist can be validating in a way most people never consider — no doubt because they have no need for validation, and thus no knowledge as to what the lack of it can do to someone.


Capcom on not having playable female characters (Polygon)

In an attempt to clarify revelations that Capcom's free-to-play PlayStation 4 title Deep Down won't include playable female characters due to its narrative, producer Kazunori Sugiura states on the game's Facebook page that its story will focus on one male playable character and his Raven cohorts.

Talking to and About the Great Maria Bamford (the Toast)

Some of Bamford's own therapists suggested she was psychotic.

Yet she disclosed this condition to roomfuls of strangers at comedy clubs. She refuses to call this bravery.

Since being treated for her OCD, Bamford continues to talk about her other persistent torments – anxiety, depression and bipolar II disorder.


The Sturgeon Queen (Yahoo!)

The Russ & Daughters trailer features cameos by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Maggie Gyllenhaal (among other rabid fans) along with centenarian Hattie Russ Gold and her sister, 92-year-old Anne Russ Federman. The duo have worked in the smoked fish shop since they were teens. According to Federman, one local woman walked in and said, "'Gorgeous girls. Who's not married?' and they pointed to me, she says, 'Have I got a BOY for you! '" (A wedding photo in the trailer suggests that conversation ended well.)


Without comment :

Pop-up yoga silent dinners return to Greenpoint (Gothamist)

Chelsea Peretti interviews brother/Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti (Elle)

Gay Jim Crow Laws in Kansas (USA Today)

Sexual Assault at PHC, God's Harvard (New Republic tw: sexual assault, rage inducing)



Fried chicken donuts (Zagat)

How Brains see Music As Language (Atlantic)

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