This was seriously the longest week EVER. GreenHunk's work schedule got moved to 3:30 to midnight, and mine is 7am to 4, so we've seen each other hardly at all this whole week. My mom was staying with us for a couple days, so she was wanting to talk about things with my dad and my sister's boyfriend, which are devolving as he's being very rude to my mom and then lying to my sister about it. My dad also said something that was pretty much a threat of physical violence a couple weeks ago, and she left the day after. I was trying to keep her from going home at all, but yesterday she did anyway because I guess one of her friends needed her for something. Anyway, I've been up until 12, 1, 2 every night and waking up at 6 and just dragging. And last night GreenHunk and I had the first real conversation we've had all week, which turned into basically an all-night conversation, so I'm running on fumes today. I mean, it was worth it. We both get so sad when we don't have a chance to really connect for so long. But my god I'm so tired today. I don't know, this post doesn't really have a point, I'm just not looking forward to this day. It is going to be the longest day ever. Send gifs?