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Income Inequality and Single-Parent Households: Need Articles!

So my favorite cousin linked this to facebook yesterday, and I disagreed with it today. Below is our conversation.


I'm about to search through work by my favorite modern writer, Soraya Chemaly, because she's totally addressed this before. I know I've seen other journalists attack this issue, usually in articles about paid maternity leave or access to contraception/abortion or the need for comprehensive sexual education. I just don't know which journalists to search. Any links/articles/etc. that y'all can share with me to prove my point would be greatly appreciated. Preferably links written by women because I'm primarily pissed that conservatives like to claim liberals don't care about something when they actually mean liberal MEN don't care about something because what women write is inconsequential.

Note: NO PERSONAL ATTACKS ON MY COUSIN. I feel like whenever I need y'all's help to argue with him, I need to include this note. He and his wife basically adopted me when I lived in France, and he's my favorite relative. We often disagree politically, but he's always very civil, and I learn so much from him.

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