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Incompetent people who don't know they are incompetent...

...are the bane of my existence.

Every year, an organization I’m apart of takes part in a large national conference. I’m involved with the actual conference organizing along with mylocal community organization who’s members attend the event.


The problem is, the person who runs said local community organization is, simply put, incompetent. I used to help them run some of their events, but stopped because said person was impossible to work with. She would say she would do things, then never do them, and then I would get stuck doing them. She never makes any decisions. But, like most incompetent people, she has no idea how badly she does her job. The worst is that she is the owner of this organization (which runs like a not-for-profit, but is a registered corporation...and when you say something like “hey you pay all these corporate taxes when you don’t need to” her answer is “it’s complicated” - it’s not complicated, it’s paperwork that you fill out...) So until she resigns/sells it to someone else, there’s no getting rid of her.

The most recent is the conference bookings. The way it works is you can get special pricing as groups, so we organize all together to get a group discount.I’m doing the administration this year, because she did it last year and it was a total mess. Now this year, she never sent the cheque to reserve the hotel rooms for everyone. Or it got lost in the mail because she didn’t write the address down right. So now, they are running out of 2 bed rooms, and some people might end up on an air mattress on a floor when they were expecting a bed and ARGH ARGH ARGH. And I’m going to be the one who gets all the flack because she can never do her job properly. I’m attempting to get her to just write another damn cheque and I’ll drive it to the center myself (30 min drive away, not a huge deal, but it’s a pain in the ass).

This is just one of many many many instances where she just screws things up. It’s the kind of situation where having no one would be better, because she just constantly messes things up. Blargh, I need a drink.

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