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Welcome To The Bitchery

Incredibly useful app for couples - includes shared shopping list!!

Mr GV and I started test-driving this app at least a year ago. It's sort of like a social networking app for two, with texting, photo sharing, and a bunch of other neat and silly features. You can record voice and video w/voice, do little MS Paint type drawings for each other or with each other, share your location, etc.

One of my favorite features is shared lists that both people can edit. We use the SHIT out of this feature for an ongoing shopping list. Incredibly handy.


I don't think either of us has had any major issues with the app. Their improvements have been good, with no advertising and everything is accessible and backed up on their website.

Sharing is caring, yo.

ETA: text messages have timestamps on them and you can see if they've been seen.

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