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Independent party run at the presidency?

Just sent a paper letter to John McCain asking him to run as an independent, not that I expect him to read it or anything. But a girl’s gotta try.

Obviously his running isn’t a 100% solution - I want Bernie Sanders to win, or failing that, Hillary. But I think McCain owes the USA a giant apology and redemption for unleashing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party minions, and a kamikaze run at the presidency against Trump might fit that bill. (I didn’t put that in the letter though!) I’m not really into the idea of him as president, but he’d be MILES better than Trump, and seriously, the Republican party needs a giant reboot. A schism between the racist/religious base and the establishment (however you want to define those things), as rallied around either Trump or McCain, would be a good start there.


Mind you, the race itself is bad enough already and has already legitimized really horror-show stuff lurking in the USA, so we’re def gonna need some healing even if Trump doesn’t win. What a shitshow.

ETA a-HA! Slate is onto a similar idea:

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