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Brown Girl in the Ring is a novel by Caribbean Canadian author nalo hopkinson, set in a sort of post apocalyptic Toronto. In the case of this book, the societal collapse is confined to the core of the city of Toronto, while life continues pretty much as normal in the suburbs. Sort of like what is going on in Detroit, I guess. In this world, people make by as best they can, one couple has taken over the greenhouse at Edward gardens to grow vegetables, and people hunt rabbits and squirrels in in the parks. In the midst of all this lives Gros Jeanne, a healer and Voodoo (?) priestess and her granddaughter Ti Jeanne.

It’s a interesting novel, though initially many readers have trouble with the dialect in which the characters speak. If you hang in there for the first couple of chapters, it gets a lot easier.

Anyways, the Indiegogo is to make a movie that would be a prequel to the book.


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