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Indisputable Proof Cats are Superior

The debate has been long, bloody, and thrilling, but I have proof that #TeamCat is the one true creature above all others.

I myself have wavered, oscillating between my love for the loyal and friendly dog and the aloof, diabolical cat. Some of my best friends are dogs, or dog owners, gosh darn it. But this, found in the archives of an image folder I've needed to unfuck for YEARS, proves that as wonderful as #TeamDog may be, there can only be one.

Mark your calendars, take a screenshot, record this date for all of history yet to come.


While this cat is no longer small enough to fit in a coffee cup, this photo permanently finds all further arguments about TeamCat v. TeamDog null and void. The jury is still out on TeamDoge, because that is one clever Shiba.

Now, let's all get Groupdrunk and fill the comments with adorable animal pictures. For science.

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