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I'm moving soon and will probably be moving to a house. My cat is an indoor cat and needs to remain indoors. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep her from getting out?

Currently, we live in an apartment block with three doors between her and the outside world, but where I'm moving to there is likely to be just the one front door. She's not hugely adventurous - she's never made it past Door 2 and doesn't usually go more than a yard from my door. But I'm worried that in a new place she might wander off or take fright and run the wrong way.

When we first move, I'm planning to keep her in the one room during the day time, just until she gets used to it. But in the long term, I don't want to keep her cooped up all day.


I'm considering getting a pet gate for her too. I mean she could jump over it, but I figure it would at least slow her down.

She's chipped but I'm worried that if she did get out, she'd be very frightened and could get in a lot of trouble very quickly.

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