I started a little herb container garden early this past summer - and so far, have done really well! My roommate let my basil flower so it died and I thought she'd killed my thyme plant...until it came back from the dead!

So I'm super protective of this plant because it's been through the ringer. I brought all the plants inside once it got cold and they've all been doing fine. Except my thyme which has been looking kinda scraggly. I picked it up to look at today and LO AND BEHOLD, there is a little caterpillar CHEWING UP MY THYME. I am all 'where the fuck did you come from?!' And 'you are eating my thyme and I will end you'. Ugh.

Also! I think I need a grow light for my plants since I live in an English basement and don't get much sun. Would a sun lamp be okay? I want something that could also help me with SAD since I'm working overnights all winter and don't see much sun. Any suggestions?