I belong to a small group at my synagogue that is organizes events for the post-college members of the congregation and the community. We have a monthly shabbos dinner and do other, non-Jewish things like nature walks and board games. For each event, there is a facebook event. The person in charge of our facebook events is terrible at it. I think he can't find the edit button. He creates events, invites everyone, and then deletes it. Only to create a new event, with everything exactly the same except one detail, often the picture or the description. Like I said, he can't seem to find the edit button. I think it's keeping people from paying attention to the events. We get spammed with invitations and cancellations, sometimes three times for the same event. I want to offer to take over creating the events. How can I do this without saying, "Guy, you suck at making facebook events. Let me take over because I can find the edit button."?