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Welcome To The Bitchery

Inequality is making me cry

I just listened to last week's This American Life about poor kids from the Bronx who went to an exchange program with a rich school and how their lives turned out. I am full on crying at work right now. Maybe I'm also PMSing, but this is the saddest fucking thing ever. I want to spend my life trying to help change it in any way I can. The kids say that they still, to this day, have to fake it and lie to themselves that they deserve their success - I can relate to that a little bit. I didn't grow up in a ghetto, but I grew up in a very poor town, average income $17,000 per family, and that's about what my parents made too. My parents themselves never really made it. My dad is a contractor who doesn't make a living wage still. My mom has a college degree, but she's never made very much and has only ever done part-time work, she never had the career she wanted. For me, making it would be getting a chance to help change the inequality in the world.

Thanks for listening, GT. Go listen to it, it's powerful.


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