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Left on the voicemail of GoDucks.com writer Rob Moseley.

Click to listen (not sure how to imbed SoundCloud into Kinja)

Background for the unfamiliar: Oregon wore pink helmets for their game against Washington State on Saturday. Not super-radical when you consider the Oregon color scheme over the last few years.


Some of the helmets are being auctioned off this week with proceeds going to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Right now the helmets range from a low of $1,600 to over $10K for one signed by head coach Mark Helfrich and over $20K for one signed by Ahmad Rashad.

Also worth noting, a couple of Duck players tweeted Moseley to note their thoughts that the ranter was lame sauce:

Punter Dylan Ausherman (@DuckPunter30): @DuckFootball wow... This guy obviously doesn't understand there's bigger things going on in life than football.#PlayingForAPurpose


O-Lineman Andre Yruretagoyena (@BigAndreAZDK): @DuckFootball we love supporting the cause. This arrogant moron clearly doesn't understand that as he sits on his couch swallowing twinkies.

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