Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This is just something that semi-randomly popped up into my head when I'm a bottle deep in wine and just finished watching another unbelievably beautiful episode of "Oceans." Here's my question: what are your inexplicable loves?

Mine is the ocean and everything in it. I love the water. But not just any water. I LOVE, all capitals: L. O. V. E. the ocean. Particularly the Pacific Ocean. There is no place on Earth where I feel so at home, so free, and so at one with the universe. I don't know the exact reason why. I mean, I know some of the reasons: I have a deep and in-explicable love/fascination of all ocean life and an intrinsic understanding and respect for it that I cannot explain. Everything about it is wondrous and amazing and beyond cool. I have never been seasick a day in my life and I take pride in that fact. There was one time that I was nearly drowned by a set of 6' waves in the open water, but never once felt afraid that I would die, and that when I'm in the Pacific I'm at home. I could spend all day on its shores, or every night in its breakwater. My dad loves it, just like his dad before him. His father (my grandad) had his ashes scattered at sea when he passed away, and although I never knew him in this plane, I feel close to him whenever I'm on the sand or in the water. My nana (my dad's mom; my Grandad's wife) always was happiest when she could look out to sea.

I love the Pacific. The Pacific loves me. I don't think I can live anywhere that is not near my watery heart. It fills me with such a deep sense of purpose, peace, and fulfillment, that I cannot imagine anywhere else on Earth that could possibly feel so right, or so much of God, to be honest.


What's your place?

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