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My primarily work email is a department account (department@university.edu). Almost every email I send comes from this account and includes my signature with my name and title. I also have a personal work email (bonnet@university.edu). For reasons that are completely unclear to me, people will sometimes reply to a message I’ve sent from the department account and then cc my personal account on that email.

Why? What sense does that make? I just emailed you a question from the department account that was clearly coming from me, not from the department as a nameless entity. Presumably if I don’t say otherwise, I’m expecting a response to come to the same account that just sent you a message. 99% of people have no problem figuring this out.

Though even worse was the time when someone cc-ed my predecessor (who is now in a different department) despite the fact that she wasn’t cc-ed on the original email and I’d already informed this person that I was her replacement. Idk, man.


(Please note that I’m not actually looking for an answer here and don’t really want you to give me potential reasons, nor do I want to hear about it if you do this sometimes. I’m just venting/sharing/being generally confused.)

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