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Inexplicit Harassment Followup, RE: Bora Zivkovic

Yesterday, NYCCYCLIST told us about Bora Zivkovic making what seemed to be a pass at his subordinate, one with plausible deniability, then "taking responsibility" by issuing a public statement that he was wrong, he was in a bad place, then resigning (from an uninvolved board). I questioned if the resignation was "I quit so you can't fire me" instead of "taking responsibility" and we have our answer. He's a serial harasser.


I thought that the initial discussion was an important one: a guy who had a hand in a woman's hire hit on her. She questioned whether he hired her because he wanted to get in her pants, as opposed to whether she was qualified and able to do the work. (This is not just a common concern of women who have been harassed by a supervisor; women who have gotten ahead in male-dominated fields are routinely accused of being hired because the manager wants to sleep with her or is sleeping with her, regardless of the facts, since women arte inherently unqualified for such jobs.) She questioned her judgement: did he really mean what she thought he meant? She did and felt the things that women in her position do and feel and she discussed that without naming him, hoping that others would come forward if he had done the same to them.

He issued an apology, with the same name as the initial blog post, containing the following choice tidbit:

It is not behavior that I have engaged in before or since. I hope to be known for my continued professional and appropriate support of science writers rather than for this singular, regrettable event for which I am deeply sorry. My behavior before and after this incident reflects my true respect for women....

Let's read that again because there's an important thing in there: "this singular, regrettable event." The initial events recounted aren't a single, regrettable event. "It is not behavior that I have engaged in before or since." However, the same day, allegations were levied by a second woman. He applauded the women who told their story, praising their work as well as their action. He acted repentant while lying about what he did in a way that diminished it and covered up other cases. He's tweeted that to any friends who can't forgive him for his behavior, he's sorry and he will miss them. He blamed his "mistake" on "a difficult time for me personally."

I was wrong. I am sorry. I am learning.

I hate to reference myself in a self-congratulatory way but does this remind you of anyone? Should I be holding out for a twitter meltdown and potential publicized suicide attempt?


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