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I'm on my first round of Clomid, with about one week left in my cycle at this point. One of the fun things my doctor failed to mention about Clomid? It can make your breasts HURT LIKE GODDAMN HELL. Sitting still hurts. Running is painful - and I have to run for my job as a soldier.

The evil thing about fertility drugs is that they can mimic early symptoms of pregnancy. But Clomid on its own is the lowest level of medical intervention - and it really only increases your chances of being pregnant from almost nothing to about 10%.

So I have about a week left. I'm nervous and sad and scared. I'm experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy - nausea and breast tenderness - but those are also just side effects of the medication itself. It's too early to test, and it's too late to sneak a beer and relax without worrying I'm possibly going to hurt the (probably nonexistent) clump of cells in my uterus.


Most of all I just want my boobs to stop hurting if it's not for some higher cause, like creating a new human. Because otherwise it just sucks and hurts. Fuck Clomid. (Unless it works).

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