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Infertility Sadness

I just got a visit from my Aunt Flo, letting me know for my 14th straight month of trying that I will not be having a baby. I was due to start infertility treatments this cycle (just Clomid, a drug to increase ovulation) to start, but my doctor's office is closed for another week, meaning my treatments will have to be delayed another cycle.

So what do you all do to cheer yourselves up? I know there are many people on this board also struggling with fertility - do you have any tried-and-true methods? I already had my good cry and some chocolate, so I'm ready to move past my stereotypical-female coping methods.

Small plus sides to not having a baby (again):

1.) I can drink for at least a week without feeling guilty. Meaning I can get drunk as hell on New Years Eve if I want to.


2.) I can stop feeling guilty about missing my prenatal vitamins occasionally.

3.) I don't have to give up sushi yet. In fact, I may eat some tomorrow.

4.) My husband feels really bad for me, has given me lots of hugs, and is being very attentive.

5.) I do not have to panic about how I'm going to afford a shit ton of baby stuff, yet.

Anyway, need something to cheer me up. It can't be my go to of Maria singing "My Favorite Things". Too many children in that.


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