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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Infertility--The Reckoning...

Sorry for the delayed update, but life has been a bit busy. Anyways we finally saw the doctor and well, it wasn't all bad. I thought for sure the doctors would look at my age, weight and chin hairs and try to prepare me for the worst. But instead she was surprisingly positive. Apparently PCOS patients like me are the kind who pop out surprise kids in our 40's cuz we think we can't have them so we're not that cautious about our extra curricular activities. Who knew?!?

So we're going to try the most affordable, conservative treatment first. We were supposed to have started this month, but ran into a problem. I needed to get an MMR shot. Apparently if you got vaccinated before the new shot schedule, there's a good chance that you need to another round of boosters. And in this shot the vaccine is live and it's bad to get preggers while hosting this live vaccine. Unfortunately I've been fighting a reaction to said shot. I still have a slightly itchy rash on my arm and have to go in to get it checked out. *grumble* So we'll hopefully try sometime next month. I am a bit worried about the hormones and how they'll affect my mental health...


Oh and why is it ridiculously cheap to test the guys?! It works out in our favor cuz mrchien is having a hard time with it. (For his sake i won't go into details, but he's freaking out right now over the whole thing) The nurses in the clinic have been awesome about the whole thing. And told him that most guys have to try more than once, cuz it's all sorts of awkward. So yay??

Here's a cute kitten falling as a thanks for reading :)

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