Moving this mainpage discussion to my own neighbourhood.

Over on the mainpage, there's a bit about Cameron Diaz saying that in the long life of humans, it's likely that you'll be cheated on or you'll cheat on someone and it's nothing new or earth shattering. Shit happens, as they say.

As these things go, the commentors have decided to break into three teams: Team We'd Break Up, Team We'd Work It Out and Team Do Whatever You Want. And altogether, it doesn't seem like people are listening to each other. I think a lot of people are really trying to justify their own stances by morally promoting above others.

My take, in this part of my life: I've been a cheater, but I don't think I've been a cheatee. And I broke up with the guy I cheated on the next day, as I had already intended on doing, so I don't think it's on the same level as marriage + kids + shared bank accounts.


In my current relationship, we have a no take backs policy. If he goes through all the actions it takes to cheat on me, he doesn't love or respect me enough for me to want to stay in the relationship. He could have stopped it when she put her hand on his leg, when they kissed, when he started unbuttoning her shirt, when she started undoing his pants... If he didn't once think about me or our life together, peace out Biggie. And vice versa.


But not everyone feels this same way, obviously. And of course both/all of the people in the relationship have to buy into the idea of monogamy. What do you guys think?