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Infidelity Will Be The Death Of My Marriage

A brilliant, laugh-out-funny response to that florid, masturbatory, and almost painfully un-self-aware Ian Mackenzie HuffPo piece:


Some choice quotes:

Perhaps to say it was love at first sight would be a touch cliche, but it was that moment that I first knew it: this was the woman about whom I wanted to write personal essays describing the arc of our relationship.

Partying in the desert for a week is such an intense personal, spiritual, and emotional experience that it’s a bit like being in a submarine. You can’t return to the placid, mundane surface of your life all at once. You have to surface slowly, allowing time to decompress. You have to go to more parties.

“Life does not feed life,” I tell Katherine as we arrive at the cabin. Her eyes dart around, but behind the apprehension I believe there is hope for a new beginning. “Only death can do that.”

“People know where I am,” she says. She has said this a few times since we left the car. It strikes me as a very profound statement, a latter-day koan of sorts. I’m not sure what it means, but I resolve to put it in the essay. It sounds deep.

For a moment, I am bowled over. For a moment, I am thunderstruck. Miles away, in a life that I am no longer living, a thing had happened that did not involve me at all, and I am momentarily at a loss as to how to make it about myself.

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