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Informal poll - does doing grunt work lead you to bigger and better things?

Lifehacker has an article suggesting that as soon as people pay their dues by doing grunt work their employers will promote them. This...has not been my experience. Perhaps it only applies to the film business? Or perhaps if you’re a man? I know I spent far too long doing grunt work and while the bosses lavished praise on me, money and promotions were not forthcoming. Why would they want to promote someone who would do excellent work (sometimes literally) around the clock without complaining?

So the question is: Did you get a promotion once you proved your worth by doing grunt work? Or did just get more grunt work?

Note: I should have complained. I should have demanded respect and fair pay and a pony. But I was young and stupid and operated under the assumption that when you do good work good things happen automatically. Now I know better.

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