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So I've made a small goal for myself. Places like GT have given me courage to start a silly blog. Mainly it would be to see if I could do it, and if I have the discipline to write something consistently maybe I will have the discipline to write for myself more.

I'm starting out as unoriginal as possible and want to do a 90s nostalgia blog. Specifically reviewing Boy Meets World episode by episode. I'm assuming other people have done it, and done it better. However I have the whole series on my computer and 1/2 hour show seems manageable. Maybe if I don't hate myself by the end I'll be hipster and do I Love Lucy. Then that can lead to discussions of problematic 1950's culture. I just don't know what site to use. My original plan was to use Tumblr but I just get so frustrated by it. At the moment I don't post on Tumblr I only follow. Is Blogger still a thing or is that just so 2000? What of WordPress?

I'm not looking to make blogging my career, I'm not looking for a book deal. I just want to see if I can do it. Or possibly meet Rider Strong. You know whatever. If anyone has any user-friendly, free suggestions let me know.

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