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Informed, Uncompetitive and Down-to-Earth Pregnancy Resources? Do they exist?

Today reinforced that there are some very intense pregnant people on the internet who have many feelings and opinions.


I downloaded a pregnancy app on my phone because it's cute and sends me little notifications like, "Hey! Your baby is the size of a lentil!" and that's great. Today, I got an email with some titles from the message boards for people in the same "due date group." Here is a sampling of posts I found on the first page:

  • A FURIOUS poster who spotted a woman, who was apparently six months pregnant, drinking a non-alcoholic beer. The poster proceeded to confront this woman and tell her what a massive failure she is for exposing her child to the same amount of alcohol that is found in a glass of orange juice.
  • A massive group of women are refusing to get the flu shot. All of the recent research and studies I've read have concluded that the regular flu shot and the H1N1 flu shot are safe and recommended for pregnant women.
  • Adult women who are worried about telling their parents/in-laws they are pregnant because that will be admitting they had sex. Whaaaat?
  • Adult women worried about farting in front of their husbands/partners because they are pregnant. Guys, stop it. Get it together.
  • A competition for who drank the most water. The first post was basically, "I am really not into consuming water and only drink about 32 oz a day. Does it matter?" Responses started as, "Of COURSE it matters!!! WHAT ARE YOU READING? Discuss this with your doctor ASAP, this is a HUGE DEAL." Then, miraculously, each subsequent poster drank just a little more water than the last. The last post, I shit you not, was a woman stating, "I drink at least a gallon each day."

So far, I have bought the kindle edition of the Mayo Clinic pregnancy book and I've been skimming through it. I've been advised to steer clear of What to Expect for numerous reasons. While I could— and have— googled "best pregnancy books," etc., I'd rather get recommendations from real people that I know are awesome — like you guys!


It's probably worth noting that I am pretty much the first among my friends to be pregnant, and I am feeling overwhelmed. Does anyone have any decent book recommendations? Advice or suggestions for what helped you prepare/understand what the hell was going on with your body? Any websites/groups that you know of which are at least somewhat free from the pretentious, holier-than-thou, alarmist pregnant goddesses? I am already a bit anxious, and while I would love to be able to discuss pregnancy-related issues with others, I don't want to have to read through dozens of posts about the dangers of tap-water and unfiltered air. Thanks, y'all!

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