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Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables

Part of the "Ugly Food" Movement

Intermarche, a French supermarket chain, has aimed to help "rebrand" visually undesirable produce in an effort to reduce food waste. Since the EU declared 2014 the European Year Against Food Waste (a noble cause, if an ignoble title), Intermarche sold the less desirable items at a 30% discount, and helped convince customers of their worth by creating juices and soups from the ugly produce. Certainly, this is (at least in part) a delightful revenue stream for Intermarche, but it DOES help reduce food waste, particularly if the Failed Lemon or Unfortunately Clementine find a home in someone's belly.

In the interest of full disclosure, George Takei put this on his FB page this morning; I enjoy Takei muchly.


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