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I don’t know why the headline is italicized & gave it roughly 3 seconds of my patience to try to fix it. Kinja? Anyway, I can finally use my right thumb tonight (YAY!) to type with both hands. This is one example of autocorrect being a friend not foe.

My neighbor’s dog bit me & shredded my right hand, which is the one I use most. Me & this dog have known & loved each other for 10 years. Since the day they adopted her we have been all about friendship & belly rubs. My neighbors have been the type you would order as neighbors if you could do such a thing wherever you choose to live. Neighbors are a crapshoot & mine are wonderful. This has been really sad & awful for all of us.


I have MANY stitches & puncture wounds & teeth scrapes. The swelling& bruising are nuts. She nearly took my middle finger for a snack. I could, but I won’t bore you with the medical details.

I am doing better today. The biggest fear was infection leading to surgery. She managed to miss the nerves & tendons (miracle!), but infection rates are quite high with bites, which can fuck both up anyway. I’m lucky.

My neighbors have been throwing cash at me for medical expenses & lost work. My nature is to say, “No, it’s okay” but Ive gone against my nature & accepted every dollar.

Mr. 4th has been taking very good care of me & saving me from myself doing too much. There is so much I need help doing and it’s been hard for me to accept the help. He finally whisked me away from my own house...threw my dogs& me in his truck & brought us to his house. It was the right thing for me even if I didn’t agree at the time.


He is sleeping inside & me and my Mookie are out in the backyard hanging in the summer evening heat. It feels good to check in with you all & say “hello.”

Also, the irony of this situation is not lost on me: I am the Biscuit Lady. Instead of one of the dozens of dogs I hand feed free samples to at Farmer’s Markets, it was the well loved neighbor dog who got me:)


Anyway, HELLO!!!! *waves furiously with good hand

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