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Innocent until proven guilty?

One of my coworkers hasn't been at work lately because he was arrested and accused of something very very bad. There are few things I could say "rot in hell" for, but if he did it I'm pretty sure he would deserve me saying that to him. Anyway, he showed up at work today to play a gig and it was really really awkward.

He's always been a weird and creepy guy, but he seemed benign as long as you didn't spend your free time around him. So learning about what allegedly happened came as a shock. My immediate reaction is to not speak to him again, only speak to him if required, or spit in his drinks until the end of time but the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing held me back. I'm probably not supposed to know what happened anyway, but nobody can keep their mouths shut at work so everyone at work knows. And he knows we know.

I ended up being cordial but trying to give off an air of "please don't make me have that conversation with you," which seemed to work pretty well as he looked sheepish and avoided me. How would you've handled this, GT? Any tips for the future?

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