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Insane Story from OSiL's Work

Kinda goes without saying but don't mainpage.

My Other Sister in Law ( as opposed to my annoying one) works as a PSW at a nursing home. She is also finishing up her RPN diploma, and is doing her practical work at the same nursing home. This has resulted in her working 16 hour days.

During this time, there has been an administrator who has been super helpful, offering to help her distribute meds. One of the patients this administrator was helping with was terminally ill, and receiving morphine every two hours as paliative care. Then one day, the administrator came to her and asked her sign off a wasted shot of morphine, and distribute another. She said that she had taken the syringe of morphine that OSiL had drawn, and put it in her pocket on the way to the patient, and that it had leaked out in her pocket. OSiL found this very odd because the administrator was wearing business attire not scrubs, and hardly had room for a capped syringe in her pants pocket. Also, she didn't see a wet spot on the woman's pants. When she asked where the syringe was, Administrator said she had disposed of it.


This struck OSiL as odd, so she spoke to her preceptor about it. Then they started hearing rumours that this administrator seemed to be volunteering to adminster morphine to other patients on other floors as well.

The one day, a nurse walked in on the Adminstrator with her sleeve rolled up, a red mark on her arm, and a syringe in her hand. When the nurse walked in, the Adminstrator turned, appeared to draw air into the syringe, and then injected it into the patient's muscle, pretending she administered the morphine.

So the police are now involved. They now think that the palliative patient (who has since passed away) missed a most of her morphine doses when this administrator was working. They think the administrator took at least some of them home with her, and may have been selling them as well as using herself.

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