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TW: fuck cancer.

So... I have been wanting to post but I also had to get permission from the person concerned (which I have).

Yesterday, my Husband was told that he has testicular cancer. He will be undergoing surgery on Thursday to remove his left testicle, which is, as far as they can tell, the only affected part. He has a lump on it that is approximately 3cm by 1.8cm.


Gods willing, that will be the start and end of it. The doctor says he shouldn’t need radiation or chemo, just a couple of weeks to recover after the removal. He is fortunate that he caught it very early (do your self exams, ladies and gentlemen! They save lives!) and that the first doctor he saw didn’t mess around but sent him straight for an ultrasound.

All of this has occurred over less than 3 weeks, from discovery to surgery.

He’s coming to stay with me and the kids for his recovery time, and Other-Husband will stay at their apartment with OldestChild, who is 18 but doesn’t drive and has both school and work. Also, somebody has to take care of their cats, and I love my son but he’s a little... scatter-brained!

I... am not sure what I’m feeling yet. Everything has happened fast, and I just... well, I don’t have time to fall apart now. I will probably completely crumble after the surgery and everything, but right now, I’m just grateful that they are dealing with it right away.

Good vibes and/or prayers are welcomed. He goes in at 9am on Thursday.

Thank you, GT. You have held me up through some of my worst times, and thank you for being here now.

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