Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Again. Even after 3 Manhattans.

So what's up? I made this today. It's going to be yummy. I finalized B-day plans with the male bestie (who graciously was like "Invite female bestie! [they're like my divorced parents, except have only spent 3 days in each other's presence but hate each other]). Watching the Riff Trax Birdemic.


So: let's play. Feel free to answer any and all.

1. Press ctrl + V and see what you get.

2. What did you have for dinner? Do I want it?

3. Slim Jims or Doritos?

4. What dessert should I make tomorrow?

5. What do your hands smell like?

6. What are you going to name your first born?

7. Do you remember King Arthur & the Knights of Justice?

8. What's your fave gif?

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