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I actually slept last night (bbq was a huge success—I feel like I've settled on go-to mahi-mahi and salmon recipes now), but oh lookie, it's 1:30 and I can't sleep.

Have gone to extra bedroom so GuyJinx can sleep in peace. Will be watching Mohabbatein (Shah Rukh Khan plays the violin teaches 3 boys to love over the objections of Amitabh Bachchan [Buzzfeed summarizes it here]) so that gives me about 3.5 hours. Looking at cross stitch patterns on Etsy that I will fail at.


How are the GTers?

Tell me a joke, show me a gif, tell me your thoughts on life, share a salmon recipe, tell me what the title of the movie in which you taught 3 boys to love would be, explain an aspect of your job, etc...

Basically, I'm begging for company. =) My friends are apparently annoyed that I've tried to call them around 2 am with "what's up?" for the past week or so (they don't work, it's bad, but not THAT bad).

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