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I've been having A LOT of trouble sleeping lately. My doctor's have tried me on several different medicines:

Klonopin: Nope, just made me feel "relaxed" (or funny to me, I don't like anything that makes me feel altered) even at a low low dose.

Ativan: Ha, what a joke, I took 2 mg and lost an entire 3 days of memories (including cooking and leaving on my crockpot). Even a lower dose, I was still having memory loss.


Ambien: WILL. NOT. TRY (I'm already SUPER sensitive to medication, I can't even imagine what would happen to me on this).

Melatonin: Eh, didn't really seem to help or harm, no effect either way.

Doxepin: First night, had night terrors and startled myself awake about 5-10 minutes. Second night, cut the dose in half, same thing but add horrific nightmares. The startle response lasted another 3-4 days after I went off of it. I have never been on a medication that made me feel fear, it was like being stuck in an awful horror movie. I just can't even...

Seroquel: Started off on 50mg (most people take 350mg or higher!) and it put me to sleep...for about 16-18 hours a day. Yeah, no, can't live like that. Cut the dose in half to 25 mg, and that's what I was on last week for 7 days, put me to sleep...for about 12-14 hours a day. Cut that dose in half to 12.5 mg, doesn't put me to sleep, but just keeps me in a general fog where I'm lethargic.

Tylenol/NSaids: Can't take them :( allergic to NSaids and Tylenol doesn't make me sleepy.


Xanax: See Klonopin.

Trazodone: No Effect.

And so here I am, up at 5:45am, not sleeping. Trying every relaxation exercise, meditation, and sleep trick I know. Oh, and I never drink caffeine (way too sensitive, I can't handle it at all) so that's not a culprit.


I have a sleep study coming up in a few weeks, that's good. It's been so frustrating, to me and my amazing doctors, because I am so sensitive to medication. I need something to help me fall asleep but still leave me clear headed in the morning.

My doctor asked if anything ever helped me fall asleep before, and I said Vicodin, haha. But, I'm way to nervous of medications and becoming addict to use that as a sleep aid!


Is there any other medication that has helped you sleep, including off label prescriptions?

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