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Welcome To The Bitchery

I have a dry house. I would like to have it not be so dry, but do not want to buy a humidifier. I hear house plants will assist in this potentially. Is this true? Do the plants add humidity through their leaves? This article seems to indicate that keeping the soil moist will cause that water to evaporate. A combination perhaps?

My mother was nice enough to offer this advice, however when Interneting to investigate further, more often than not I was seeing advice on how to maintain humidity for the house plants, which is sort of the opposite dilemma.


My plan right now is to just go to the local garden/plant store and ask for advice, but figured the hive mind might have thoughts.

Much appreciation in advance for knowledge contributions.

Edit: I do not want to buy a humidifier because stubborn/complications that are uninteresting, but LeeLoo and I may eventually go that route.

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