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This was covered on Jezebel so I won't get too into it but I am crazy inspired by this womans' success! Amanda (dignityblows on reddit, where she documented her journey) lost 88 lbs over the course of a year following a high fat and moderate protein diet, with minimal exercise.

I am actually trying to lose some weight right now, but I do like exercising and plan to do that anyway. Dieting has always been kind of hard for me, because I like tasty foods but if I could get results like this I would be ecstatic!


She even kind of looks like me (in her after pictures), so I'm pretty spooked and yet elated! I really want a healthy body again.

So does anyone have any experience with this diet? I'm researching it now from her links, but I don't know anyone who has tried it. I've heard of Paleo before, but she is stating she's more Keto and I'm kinda confused as to what that is. I am seeing a sexy recipe for tacos though, and isn't that all we really need?

Update: On the GT main page my hyperlinks look all wonky and again still when I go to the article, but when I go to edit my text is all sexy and hyperlinked. What am I doing wrong?

Update 2: Nevermind, kinja must be all hopped up on lentils today. They're working nicely now.

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