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Inspiration & Wednesday OT

Do you ever have that experience where loose tendrils of inspiration suddenly come together in your mind and explode into a fully formed concept, ready for the taking?

I’ve been listening to Ocean At The End of The Lane this week, was talking to a myth about my home town with my dad earlier today and then reminded of something from my own childhood and a book that I loved as a child and suddenly, as I was trying to rest my head (take a not-quite-nap) a a fully formed story popped up in my head. I all just came together. It has a concept, a main character, a plot, a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s even left some fragments of sentences scattered around my memory. It has elements from all these things (the protagonist is a child in all the stories, for instance) but nothing exactly the same, while still borrowing slivers here and there. My brain feels like it’s buzzing! All that is left is for me to write it.


Does this happen to anyone else??

This happens to me a lot although usually they are drawings. I will see a bunch of different artists on Instagram, with various styles or themes and suddenly an image will pop up in my mind that I would so desperately like to create, but that I don’t have the skills for (yet). I’ll imagine working on different parts of it and how I’ll create just such an effect, but then when I try, it falls so far short that it isn’t remotely similar to what I imagined before. When I try to draw this generally ends up being a recipe for disaster. But the few times I’ve written down things that popped up in my brain in a narrative sense, they worked out really well. I find that odd, considering how much I can ramble, or is it because I ramble? I can’t tell.

How is your Wednesday?

Mine is astonishing so far! I woke up to snow this morning (completely unexpected), went for a walk in the woods with my parents and dog, had a pancake and made up a story! Now I need to calm my braincells or I’ll have to spend the next 2 days in bed. Be calm brain, be calm! Distract me fellow GT’rs, talk to me about your day, or how strangely inspiration works in your brain.


ETA: Hi new people! 👋
OT stands for Open Thread and it means that this thread is open for comments about whatever you want to talk about, consider it a kind of free for all. You can comment on the content of the post, or just something you want to talk about but can’t/don’t want to make a whole separate post for. Welcome to GT :D

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