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Inspired by booktart and...

... the fact that my house is a mess -

What are your most and least favorite cleaning tasks?

I love doing laundry and have finally made peace with the putting away process. I think that clean clothes all tidy in the closet is such a luxury! A gift I can give myself!


I hate, hate, hate cleaning the floors. It’s a task that always needs doing - in fact I often clean the floors, walk away, come back, and I see dirt again. It isn’t helped by the fact that our entry is right into the kitchen (a sort of eat in/mud room combo area, great idea 1970s architects!) so it’s the kitchen floors which are always the dirtiest.

Plus! Beau does not see dirty floors! Over the past weekend he dropped a receipt right in the middle of the hallway... I refused to pick it up myself, waiting to see if he would do it unprompted. Shocker, several days went by and I gave up and told him to pick it up. So I apparently am the only one who sees dirt and detritus on the floors.

How about y’all? What do you like or dislike? And what tasks are invisible to other people in your space?

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