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Inspired by Kanye Main Page Article

I'm going to re-post my response here. Along with some video aid. We can make this a lively debate but be warned I expect some hip hop knowledge here.



How many people on this thread are actually into hip hop? Really truly into it. How many heard Sugar Hill Gang and their whole world changed? How many of you still think that Beat Street is hip hop. How many followed the path of the dj, the mc, and the dancer? I just...if think Mackelmore is hip hop than I cannot respect your opinion on Kanye West. It's like telling me that Blink 182 is punk and then complaining that Johnny Rotten is a dick. Kanye is talented and he is right to tell you that. He is mother f*&^%n' MC. Do you get that?! MC's arent' wall flowers, they aren't modest and they don't need to be humble. Every MC will tell you that s/he is a genius. That's the game. It doesn't mean that Kanye isn't a nice guy or might not be fun to chill with. He representing himself as a professional MC and it won't do to sit there be all Gosh Shucks about it. He is insecure and frightened and ambitious and obsessed with perfection and creation. Listen to his music, listen to those that have worked with him. You might not like his style, his beats, or his flow but you cannot say the he has none. Or that he isn't good at what he does. Go back and look at Jesus Walks and tell me that wasn't a risk, that wasn't a leap, that wasn't solid and real. Tell me that song didn't move you. Tell me those lyrics didnt' ring true. Tell me you've seen any other rapper commit to that. Then take a look at Dark Twisted Fantasy. Look at how he has progressed, look at what he has created. Then view this in light of Afrika Bambaata, Erik B, Cool Moe Dee, Grand Master Flash, Tribe Called Quest. You don't have to be a fan but you've got to look at the body of his work before you go off saying he isn't talented or that he isn't allowed to preach about his own talent. It isn't ego. It's fact.

/end rant

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