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Inspired by the "Bridal Party Racoon" post: Rare Pets

A GTer delighted us all earlier with a gloriously batty tale about a lovely bride who got walked down the aisle at her wedding by her pet raccoon.

In that vein, I bring you this delightful menagerie of exotic pets.



These giant, aquatic rodents hail from South America. I've only seen them at zoos, but apparently, they can be kept as domesticated pets. They make weird-sounding bark-snorting noises and were featured in an episode of Bob's Burgers ("Mutiny on the Windbreaker"). They're also a source of food in some parts of the world. To quote Rasputina: Many, many years ago / the Bolivians were starving so / they had Rats as big as ponies there / they asked the Pope to declare them fish. No joke. You can actually eat capybara meat on Lenten Fridays because it is considered a fish by Papal decree. Those whacky Catholics!


The domesticated variety comes in a variety of colors (cuz black and white is sooo five minutes ago), and they've had their offending scent glands surgically removed. Now, before you run out and try to get one of your very own, they're only permitted in about 17 states. Also, is it just me, or is skunk stank about as offensive as cat urine? They're both certainly acrid and foul.



Much to my disappointment, these little guys are not fast, and they don't really care that much for gold jewelry. They are not native to the Americas, and the most popular variety of pet hedgehog comes from Africa. Although the hedgehog-owning craze didn't take off until the 1980's, it is believed that some were kept as pets in Roman times. Their quills are not sharp, and they like insects as treats.



Are you a Hunger Games fan? Have you ever wanted to be like Prim and own goats that you could milk and make cheeses from? Or are you just like my dad who grew up on a farm and prefers the taste of goat milk to that of cows? Maybe you want to make Dulce de Leche from scratch? Well, then, look no further.

What say you, friends? Would you ever own a pet that wasn't strictly of the dog or cat variety?


Personally, I don't get mankind's obsession with domesticating creatures that clearly belong in the wild.

As for owning farm animals, as long as I had the space, the time to care for them, and my neighbors were cool, then why not? I would love fresh eggs in the morning from my own hens and milk from my own goats.

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