I know we regularly share Twitter handles and occasionally emails, but are there any GTers on IG that are willing to share?

This afternoon, my home store called my office to let me know they had finished their school supply drive for a certain awesome teacher we all know & love.

“The boxes are all done, we just need to know her Instagram!”

But...why do you need that?

“So we can tag her in the picture for the store! So what is it?”


“You said this was for your friend. How do you not have her IG? This IS for your friend, right?”

YES! Sheesh, you guys are so suspicious. You don’t need to tag anyone, okay? It’s the thought that counts, not the social media gratification. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

Long story short, I’m pretty sure they think I just swindled them out of markers and glue sticks for myself.

IG that I’ve only just started: tasteofthebitchpudding

(AskimBenim, if you’re on IG, search #bewhatspossible to see your box, I guess!)

Edited for frigging autocorrect