Have you ever encountered someone who you find to be absolutely insufferable, but you can't quite articulate why? There is a guy in my masters program who drives me crazy every time he says anything.

It's an online degree program, so I've never met this guy in person, but every time I see his face pop up in the forum, I'm eyerolling before I can even read what he's written. He's kind of a suck-up, I guess, but I don't know really why he annoys me so much. He has a tendency to start his posts by telling the teacher what a great choice of topic this is (once described it as "mind-blowing"), and how interesting he finds it personally. He's used the term "anywho". He posted to the discussion boards in the first couple days of the class, before there was an assignment, just to say how excited he was to be here, and share his thoughts on the opening lecture.

Do you have random people in your life that you just can't stand for no good reason?