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Insurance / liability

I have to rant about people and insurance for a few. Not health insurance... liability insurance of various types.

Rant 1 - my fiance arranged to have a contractor come do some work on our condo today, and failed to ask until they were already there, and had already been there for an hour, whether they are insured. I just can't. He is so educated. He should know to ask this stuff. He is smart enough to figure out how to maximize retirement savings and stuff; surely he should know to protect the investment of our home by making sure that contractors are insured.


Rant 2 - I have had a couple of facebook friends whose bikes were stolen and they then posted gofundme thingies to raise money for new bikes. Do they not have renters insurance? That should cover their stolen bike! And it's a lot cheaper than a new bike (these were nice bikes for racing, triathalons, etc.) If you of the means that you can afford a $700 bike in the first place, then you can afford the $250 for renter's insurance! And, if you already had renter's insurance and put in a claim and then did a gofundme for your friends to pay even though you expect a fat insurance check, then you are a dick.

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