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Insurance Madness

I can't believe how frustrated I am with our insurance plans right now, we recently moved out of state and trying to be on top of things like a good chronically ill patient I got all of my new doctors appointments scheduled, tried to cancel my insurance in my old state through the exchange and bought new insurance through my new state.

You would think that things would have gone smoothly, this should not have been a hard process, instead I have wound up on the phone with insurance companies for hours on end daily because they can't sort out their own records and I've wound up paying for four insurance plans this month for two people. How you ask, well when we canceled my husbands plan in our previous state, they of course couldn't be bothered to cancel the auto draft on our account, even though I called and called to make sure it was definitely stopped, now it will take a minimum of 30 days to get a refund check in the mail, luckily we were able to get him insurance with his new employer.


Then when I set up our insurance in our new state I paid for the insurance went through the entire program, got confirmation that I had insurance, and then two days later when I was checking the policy I realized it needed some additional info, it decided to boot me out of the system, I'm no longer a policy holder even though I had paid and had a confirmation and everything, at least when I canceled my original policy that didn't work so I'm still insured. Oh and the insurance company is insisting that I spoke with someone there to make these changes myself, only they happened at 4 am when the website was down and they were closed, so it didn't come from me.

So, now I'm sitting here on hold for over an hour, again just trying to find out if I have a policy in my new state at all, if I can get a refund, no one will give me a straight answer, some people say the payment will get moved forward for my next months bill, others say I'll get a refund and need to buy a new policy and all I can think as a small business owner is this shouldn't be so hard.

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